Ive recently set my guitar up in d standard, and im just retuning over and over again. However i havent set the intonation, due to it being out by so little, i was also wondering could it be the truss rod needs adjusting. Its just really annoying me and i dont wanna jump into setting the intonation when it maybe not the problem. One more thing, could it be the string gauge? Im currently on 9s but am gonna get 10s soon, i thought it might be they are too loose or something.
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Get a professional setup, or do it yourself if you think you can do it.
There are many tutorials on this site and in the whole internet how to set up a Floyd.
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I think ill just try and intonate
Jackson DK2M
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Intonation won't cause the guitar to constantly go out of tune, neither will anything that fixing the truss rod will fix.

Is your bridge set up correctly? is it parallel to the body? This is the main thing that causes FR's to go out of tune, check to see if the bridge is parallel with the body, if not, then that's your problem.

And only adjust the truss rod if the neck isn't strait...
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How old are strings? Is your bridge parallel to your body? And remember it's a floating bridge so it'll take time to get it perfectly in tune.
Any time you change tunings in a large way, you need to re-setup the neck.

Anytime you changes gauges you need to readjust the truss rod, and the intonation.


Intonation being off won't make your tuning stability fail.

It could be knife edges, nuts, retaining blocks, etc
Hmm the strings are 6 months old :s and they are 9s so im gonna get some 10s then im gonna setup the bridge to the new set of strings. Although im setup in d standard i use the fine tuner to drop the top string to a c, is that ok? Or shall i set it up in drop c, cos i do play in it a bit more than d standard
Jackson DK2M
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Boss ME-25
Set it up in D Standard and use your fine tuner to get to Drop C that should be okay and shouldn't cause too much hassle.