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I want to store my guitars for probably one to two years, should I lower the tension of the stress to minimize the stress of strings on the necks? I have an acoustic and an electric guitar.

Any advices

Remove some but not all of the tension from the strings, clean & polish the guitar, and then put a little lemon oil on the fret board. Put the guitar in its case and store it where it won't get too warm, cold, or humid and won't get bumped around. A good place is an interior closet.
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as above and for that length of time i`d invest in a humidity monitor providing it can be checked on frequently......you don`t say whether you are going to be away from them or just storing them.
Thank you guys for your advice
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personally i would just take the strings off, but thats just me.
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personally i would just take the strings off, but thats just me.

If you're going to do that you might as well loosen the truss rod as well.
^^ Yes.

After you open up the case of a guitar that hasn't been touched in 10 years with 10 year old strings on it... its a nightmare. The saddle will chip or crack, same with the nut, fretboard will be incredibly dry, the truss rod will be out of whack...

So DO NOT leave the strings on. Plus if you play it, your fingers will be black and brown.
if you take the strings off you should probably loosen the truss too.

and also, put them on their sides.