I found a Epiphone Les Paul Standard at my local pawn shop for 250. It looks to have a small dent or scratch in the body but its fine, haven't checked how it sounds though.

Is it worth it? I recently bought a classical guitar, and been playing, and i'm pretty good, i was going to get an electric eventually, but i wanted to get even better at my classical before i buy an electric.

But my friends told me about the guitar at the pawn shop literally a block away from my house. I checked it out, and i don't think i want it to loose it, because i doubt it i might find a nice deal like this. Im sure i can brin it down to 200 also. Its a nice dark cherry color.

I might buy some new pickups for it, later on in life. Im thinking about getting it tomorrow, just to have it there till i buy an amp, and also learn to play it.
It's definitely worth it if it's in good shape.
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Heck yeah.
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Dot it, I was gonna get one for $260 but i was to slow. Do it.
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