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this will probably get closed i guess.

what are some of your favourite music blogs, i dont necessarily mean download blogs. just general good reads, good places to find new music, people who know what theyre talking about, etc.
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xthrashattackx [dot] info is really good. Set up really well, very active and good to find stuff you can't.
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skramxcobd used to be my favorite before it got shut down. and deekmedia like always.
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7inchcrust, Trouble On Your System, am I mean?, crust-demos, all have good stuff.

When it comes to metal blogs, Grind & Punishment, Invisible Oranges, The Daily Grind, Cerebral Metalhead, In The Court Of The Cripple King, and of course, Chainsaw Justice, are all brilliant.
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I'm surprised We Are Angry and Hate Everything and Lyrics Will Not Reach the Audience haven't been said.
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Was going to say 7 inch crust, Trouble on your system and We Are Angry and Hate Everything, but oculdn't be ****ed...
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^^ Whenever I tell anyone about Strenghtcrew they tell me they can never find it because of the spelling problem. Great blog though, probably one of the best out there
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Sorry dudes, no blogs with downloadable content!

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