I asked for a guitar for 250$ and you told me to buy a jamaha pacifica.
I could play it very well and the sound was nice.

Now i have risen my buget and im able to buy a guitar for 700€(~830$).
I had choosen the B.C Rich NT Beast because it locks very well and the price is ok.
After that i have read some test reports about the B.C Rich NT Beast and said 'Stop - The quality seems to be sh*t'!
Than i read some other test reports and they said the quality would be very good!

Now my question to people who played the bc rich nt beast AND more than 1 other guitar:

How is the quality of the B.C. Rich NT Beast compared with other guitars?
Can you say its good or would you say that i should buy an other guitar with a simmilar nice look for the same money? If i shoud choose an other -> which is a good one?

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Isnt that a bass?

Anyways, i think its an ok bass, the bassist in my band has one,
YOU CAN TRUST ITS RELIABILITY AT 100%, my friend's bass has already been dropped from a 1 1/2 height, and it didnt even get a scratch (sad story about the bass falling down...)
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i only know what they call it on the official site
and in the picture you can see 6 not only 4^^

but ok than do anybody know anything about quality of wmd sob^^
bc rich arnt very good
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i hope you can get your hands on one before you buy one. they can be nice but you have to be really careful about what you really want. horns and pointy edges get boring, then cheesy, and then lame really quickly
It's all about feel