Lovely. Matte finish, no crappy binding.
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oh yeah? well larry king the slayer guitarist owns bc rich guitars. (i think)
looks like the gothic gibsons
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I've got an old ESP MH-100 from about 1999 with a matte finish and they suck. It looked good then, but I've actually got spots on it that are shiny from my arm/hand rubbing it smooth. Be cautious if you want it to look the same 10 years from now.

Oh, by the way, on they're website, that guitar doesn't exist, and won't exist. They already have the fall lineup posted. Where did you see this? I googled and found it, but I'm wondering where the hell it came from.
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Looks pretty good to me, though I'd rather have fret markers. Not abalone, god forbid, but something
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get the non stealth model!!!
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Looks pretty ugly and plain, I would rather have abalone and not get bored with looking at it rather than have a plain black boring guitar.
Looks wonderful

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Why does everyone ignore the Vintage Black. I'm personally in love with my VB EC-1000, but man-guitar marriage isn't legal where I live (or anywhere else).
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Why does everyone ignore the Vintage Black. I'm personally in love with my VB EC-1000, but man-guitar marriage isn't legal where I live (or anywhere else).

VB is definitely the best. No fret markers are the best though.
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nay its almost the same as the ec 500 minus the inlay
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that was an epic win
best thing ive read all day

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I wish they'd stop poncing around with the EC-1000 series.
They already look good but the one thing I feel LTD are lacking are MH series hardtails in much better colours.

White, blue, red, purple NT versions of the MH-1000! With the option of EMG's or not.

For people who want a quality, sleek, hardtail metal guitar with a 25.5" neck...and the decent headstock

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I like that a lot better than the other EC-1000s. Matte black w/ no inlays is awesome, gotta agree it'd be even better without the 12th fret inlay.
I just wish they'd make a FR version in Vintage Black. That'd be pure win.

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