Hi, I currently use Ernie Ball .11-.48 strings on my Schecter Damien 6 which has a 25.5 scale neck. I was thinking about using .10-.52 Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottom strings. I usually keep the guitar in standard but I tune to Drop C and Drop D sometimes. I play all metal, classic rock and punk. Are the .10-.52 to much tension on the guitar in standard tuning and will it warp/bend the neck?

sorry if it's a noob question.
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going one gauge isn't a problem most of the time
this should be fine
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the 10-52 gauge is almost the same if not lighter than 11-48 since it is the thinner strings that carry the most tension.
The strings you have now will put more tension on the neck (thicker) 10's will be fine + easier bends, thus, profit!
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