i really like Focus. i hope its not a rip off as it says in the comments. the intro riff is sick, i liked that the best, but the guy on the right really nailed those solos.but you both have skills, and the drummer does a good job with you. hope you find a good bassist also! good luck

crit my song please?
I love that Loomis sig. Amazing guitar. But the kid who has it is terrible at staying in time...

Focus has some great riffs, but it just feels like a Riff A - Riff B - Riff C song. It doesn't transition very well
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you guys have some really good ideas but i didn't think the 2 guitars meshed very well in the recordings. the lead guitar at times seemed to be off timing wise. good tunes though.

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hey man that was cool. great playing. i liked the rythem also. this would make a good opening song for youre set. it seems to drag on a little bit. i think it needs a key change or a little change up of some kind around or before the 230 mark. thats when it starts to drag. that might change with vocals though. good job. that was a cool song. you have a sweet practice space too.

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