So I want to learn the awesome song Pride and Joy by SRV, and I have the first very little intro part down. I'm using this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttHYK8pQ1j4. Anyways when it gets to the Chug-A-Chug rhythm with muting and such, I get very frustrated, and it sounds like a mess. Strings are being rung out that aren't supposed to be played, etc. So I'm asking if anyone can shed some light on my problem, and see if they can help. Thanks!
You need to mute all of the strings for the "-a-" with your left hand, and only unmute the single notes one at a time on the "chug-" parts.
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Dont try to do it at full speed all at once, when I learned this it helped to do it so slowly at first. Its actually quite hard to do this! good luck!

Very good point! This is something that I've found to work very well because it just makes sense. After all, how can you expect to play something at full tempo if you can't first pull it off slowly.