Today I bought a Ibanez RG4EXQM1 from a local pawn shop for $250 here it is

(crappy phone camera)

I looked around on the ibanez website so I could figure what year it was made but I couldnt find any such info, anybody know where I can check the serial number or should I just send Ibanez an email?

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thanks guys, this is my first guitar with a FR and I just gave myself a crash course in FR setup by changing strings but I think I got it figured out
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the site said my serial is unrecognized, anybody else know of anywhere I can check my serial number at, or should I just pop Ibanez an email?

just mail ibanez and see if they respond, or give me the serial and i'll se eif i can date it for you
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It's made in september 2007 mate.
Vintage V-100, EMG 81&60
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It's made in september 2007 mate.

Thanks man, really appreciate it. I knew I wasnt too new because if I'm not mistaken Ibanez discontinued this model. As far as the playablity goes, this guitar is fantastic, love the fast neck, and I'm having no problems with the Edge III trem, maybe because its already broken. At some point I may put in some SD's in the Neck and Bridge, no point in changing the middle single coil since I wont be using it that much, but for now the INF's dont sound half bad. Overall I'm extremely pleased with this guitar and wont be buying another for a good long while and the price I got it for is unbeatable
Very cool! congrats!
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