Just wondering what some of the things to watch out for are when buying used guitar/amps. I've found the ads on craigslist are heaps cheaper than the guitars and amps found brand new in stores, but there must be some catch right?

Or does the market value significantly decrease when a guitar is used vs new?
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Or does the market value significantly decrease when a guitar is used vs new?

Yes. Not to mention a lot of people who are selling gear right now are selling to raise liquid capital. They need cash more then they need things, even their favourite things.
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well make sure it's not complete ****.
the bad thing about buying used off of craigslist or ebay, is you cant test it out to see how it sounds or anything.
Hmmm many things could go wrong with gear. Test em out a lot before you shell out money. Also, inspect the gear very carefully for dings, chipped edges, marks, etc. That could lower its price if the seller really needs cash.

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I bought both my Amps from craigslist, and got them both for a lot cheaper than retail. It always it good to ask the seller questions and if they dont have pics ask for them. Also when u go to check out/buy the item always make sure it works, if it is an Amp/Pedel/etc bring ur guitar with you or ask the seller iff you could use their guitar, and when buying a guitar ask if you can try it out.

If you know what your doing and know how to be "safe" craigslist/used items can be good.
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That's what I'm worried about.. I'm just looking for my first electric guitar, so I feel like I could be ripped off easily online.

Actually I just went to the store, and I feel like vulnerable to being ripped off already -_-
People are broke...that's why you can get stuff cheap.

Also, guitars are something that people either love or they don't care for. Kind of like buying a car. A few months goes by, and you wish you didn't get it.

The only real thing to look for is neck warpage, and if the electronics work.

On amps....just crank it up and make sure the speaker isn't blown.

I've bought loads of used guitars over the years, and I've never been screwed. I've actually only been screwed on NEW stuff.
make sure it works before you buy it, I'm dead serious too I bought something off of craigslist a few years ago, they delivered it and it didnt even work, i fixed up after words and it worked fine but it wasn't worth buying, it was a del rey E110, bought it for 120 and fixed it for about 200, it's hard to find a handwound oversized single coil haha.. my point is try it before you buy it.
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Expect the worst from what you're buying. Faulty wiring and unmentioned chips, burned out tubes, etc. If that worst is still worth the asked price to you, buy it. I bought my Valveking for $350 used, half of the list price, then when it got here I found out that its cover was in much worse condition than advertised and it needed all new tubes, $150 worth of extra. Even after that, $500 is still a good buy.
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Well I got my Schecter off Ebay for about half off the usual price. It came with hardcase and in near mint condition. I asked for lots of pictures and had to trust the seller on electronics and stuff. I guess I got very lucky?

When you're buying an amp used online theres alot that could be wrong with it that you would never be able to know from pictures alone.
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watch? i think you have your senses mixed up. for guitar it will be mostly touch, and for the amp it will be hearing.
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