I want some new pickups for a strat nockoff that was recently given to me. Budget is around 150$. I'm gonna take out the middle pup most likely, because I have no use for it(the guitar is gonna stay in Open G). I have a Fender Bassman(Silverface) and A Marshall 1960 cab. I'm looking for a great crunchy sound, like this. Any suggestions?
I recently put these in my slide guitar which is a strat looking thing, they sound great and with the amps you have you should be fine.. my other suggjestions would be


and im not to smart when it comes to brands SD, Dimarzio, or Bareknuckle.. But i'm sure somebody else can help you out alot more then i did. good luck.

Edit: the amps i run it through are a fender super twin, and an acoustic B100.
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u just got to love fat strats.... and i really like the ones that hav 2 single pick upsm then the humbucker near the bridge... very nice =)
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I was kinda lookin for something cheaper. It's not a good enough guitar to warrant 200$ pickups.
If you want cheap but decent try some GFS pickups. I'd say get something thats hot in the bridge pup like a texas wound set.
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