I decided that I should give this a shot, learn some stuff I havent caught on yet and I was wondering which you thought would be of best quality.
I have looked at 2 so far, jamplay.com and guitarmasterclass.net but im sure there are others out there.
Prices doesnt really matter... aslong as it isnt ridiculous I guess.
Jamplay looks really good though. I prefer lessons where they are actually speaking to the camera instead of a video and a box of writing underneath it..
Thanksss guys. :]
Umm.. Bump? Id like to get the best bang for my buck so I came here to ask. Am I in the right forum? :/
guitar masterclass is decent. i teach and i would recommend the best thing to do is to work out what you need to learn collate all the videos and lessons and there are thousands out there for free, learn what you can then go for the occassional 1-1 lesson and have a list of questions and things you need help with.

You can even do without the 1-1 lessons by posting vids of your playing on youtube and there will be plenty of advice out there for free.
I'm a bit biased (haha) but in all honesty....we feel that our site is the best out there. There is a ton to learn at GuitarMasterClass and others...but overall we think we have the more comprehensive way to learn. We have 350+ hours of video from 35 instructors...with new lessons going up every day. Your $ goes a hell of a long way with us.