Poll: Do you still have your first guitar?
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Yes! I would rather sell my child than my first guitar
333 87%
Nah! i sold it to teh br00talz spiky looking guitar
40 10%
I don't actually play guitar/bass i'm only on UG because the pit stole my soul
9 2%
Voters: 382.
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Be it a crappy child size acoustic or that gibson you inherited of your grandaddy, do you still have your first guitar?

I've only ever had one 6 string, but i passed on my first bass (which i got given for free anywho) Always regretted that
The only 6 words that can make you a better guitarist:

Learn theory
Practice better
Practice more
I have both my first acoustic and my first electric. My first acoustic is a decent guitar so I still use it as my primary acoustic, but my first electric was horrible.
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Who still has their first searchbar? Honestly isn't there a thread with the same exact title? And yes.
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I did Searchbar but nothing came up... i don't really trust the UG searchbar that much though
The only 6 words that can make you a better guitarist:

Learn theory
Practice better
Practice more
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I still play my first guitar


in addition to, I still have my first bass.
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I still own my first electric guitar but I traded in my first acoustic for about $50 last year. I don't really miss it at all.
I still have it, and still use it.
It's pretty high quality for a starter set guitar
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I still have it and play it as it's the only one I have. It's a Stagg.
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Yep, but I have only been playing for a little longer than 1½ years Still never getting rid of my Reverend, ever!
I still have mine... it's a really bad guitar, and if anyone ever wants to buy it i'd sell it. I keep it tuned to drop A for whenever i need that so i don't have to tune my good guitar down that far. XD.
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I still play my first guitar


I could never get rid of it .
i gave my first guitar, a spanish acoustic with a horrible neck to my folk singing freind, he was happy to accept it and hes still got it
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I do.
A really cheap acoustic. I also have my first electric (my Yamaha). In fact, I just got it serviced a couple days ago...
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I got a second guitar and sold it. Now I'm back to my first guitar for the time being.
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I still got my first guitar. It's a piece crap, though. And it's all messed up and covered in battle scars. I'll probably upgrade to a better acoustic in a year or so.
My first guitar was a Fender US strat I'd be an idiot to throw that away and I love it but the frets are all worn out though so the playability is going downwards
I've got a Jay Turser Strat-copy. I love it. Actually, its the only guitar I own. But I won't get rid of it.
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i was initially surprised by the amount of people who still had their guitars, then realised the average age of UG...
The only 6 words that can make you a better guitarist:

Learn theory
Practice better
Practice more
yeah; I still play it.. I never got round to getting a new one..
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My Hamer Strat copy, yessir.

in fact I'm going to put some P-90s in them to give it a different sound because under the pickguard it's all hallowed out
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Still got it, an Encore Strat-copy. Battered to f*ckery and back and is horrible to play but I'm fond of the ol' thing.
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Still got mine. The good old cheap ass Yamaha acoustic. With the giant fretboard and nylon strings that are like an inch off the frets.
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i had mine in a storage unit that i stopped paying for...

i lost her
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I do
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i have a pretty Ibanez SZR which is not my first guitar btw AND the pit stole my sole so I just picked option three
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