im interested in licks by hendrix or ways he would make licks... etc.
i wish to also know amp settings that give you that lovely tone from him.

any help anyone? :-]
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for amp settings check the "ultimate settings thread"

Jimi used a lot of different chord sequences from the very basic I IV V through to some relativly complex ones. He also has a huge range of styles. so if you could narrow down a bit that'd be good, say pick a song or two. Are you thinking "red house" "if 6 was 9" or "angel" for example?
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You could try learning these...



pretty much just a clean strat. Alot of getting the right tone is in how you actually play it.


^ This one is fuzz dist + verb. Not exactly sure what Hendrix used.
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Quote by neo14085
im interested in licks by hendrix or ways he would make licks... etc.
i wish to also know amp settings that give you that lovely tone from him.

any help anyone? :-]

Hendrix liked to play chords with a slightly different voicing.

so for A major for ex. instead of playing


that barre form he would play this

5 - 1st finger
6 - 2nd finger
7 - 3rd finger

and then wrap his thumb around on the A on 6 string. it's still A major.

you can get to a lot of notes without a lot of movement in your hand. and wash the line b/w lead and rhythm playing. his licks come easily playing chords like this.

just watch him play u'll see it.
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well there are lots of licks and style lessons on youtube so just search. as for the tone, he would usually crank everything. he would then use the tone knob on the guitar to adjust the treble. so basically, make sure you have plenty of mid range and low end on your amp. i usually have full mids and bass and then put on a mid boost. i put my treble around 6 and turn on my presence button on the amp which boosts the treble a bit and brings the sound more forward. a lot of the people i listen to like SRV, clapton, eric johnson, jimi, joe bonamassa, all use plenty of mids so i find with this i can get close to all these guys with just minor adjustments. the mids are key for getting jimi's sound though.

plus, jimi changed his sound a lot from song to song. so use your ear and try to match it. a fuzz pedal, octavia, wah, and uni-vibe cant hurt either. try the rotovibe by dunlop. i doubt you can find a uni-vibe for a decent price if at all. but the rotovibe does a good job replicating the sound.
The thumb was the true Hendrix sig. Squid is right, Hendrix rarely if any; used a textbook barre. I have long digits, but still will NEVER ever be able 2 use my thumb for low-E roots. IMO, play some of his songs through a clean channel before attempting distortion. Start off w/ Hey Joe....The wind cry's Mary.....Clean channel will help you feel the intricate Hendrix hammers and pull-offs withe more precision. 2 say that these "relative" easier songs are originaly played w/ light distortion is fact.
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The trick is to go into the background... blues and RnB... the real RnB (time travel to the 60's and 70's with a cd). Most of it is chordal, even the licks.
A really good Hendrix tone I found somewhere.

Treble - 5
Mid - 5
Bass - 8
Reverb - 3
Gain - 7

And just play around with presence, limiter and stuff.
Start with the blues and develop from there, that's what Hendrix did. The best way to learn anyone's music is to start with the stuff that influenced them.
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Listen to some buddy guy soloing. It's like hearing Hendrix only a bit "slower".. And Buddy Guy aint slow at all.

For me, i've always wanted to play hendrix, Voodoo Child is still a dream come true the day i'll be able to nail it.
But i've digged to his influences and checked out a lot of the stuff he "upgraded" it really makes you hear hendrix as a "human" instead of hearing a frenzy of whaaaatt in your head.

Like I said, I still can't play hendrix like I want to, but to me it seems like it's not about learning his licks or the "hendrix chords".. It's a way of thinking guitar
If anybody could seriously tell you how to play/sound like Hendrix, they would probably be rich.
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If anybody could seriously tell you how to play/sound like Hendrix, they would probably be rich.

Listen to his recordings
Copy what he does
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