i looked and was shocked that there was no thread with this question!

finally you can share what i think on which one u prefer and why but please dont talk **** about the other simply what u like and dont like about each one

personally im a les paul guy, gotta love the sound although it is pretty heavy
There us 20 threads on this a week, the difference is that they get closed because this question is so annoying.
go look on youtube theres videos comparing
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The SG Thread pwns your thread.
isnt there a "no vs. thread" rule?
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i had my SG standard for over 5 years, and i would still swap it for a LP standard any day
It's all about feel
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why is it annoying i think its interesting

It is annoying because there are thousands of vids on youtube, millions of articles about this thread, and hundreds of closed threads on this site about this.
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i like both guitars, myself i got a les paul but can be nerve racking getting all up in the neck, and the fatter sound is pretty cool, just depends what i play for the preference i guess

u wouldnt just do the rock n roll train with a LP thats just sg sound plus that style
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myself i got a les paul but can be nerve racking getting all up in the neck als the fatter sound is pretty cool, just depends what i play for the preference i guess

the neck on my sg standard is fatter than LP standard with 60 neck
It's all about feel
I love them both but feel more comfortable playing a Les Paul.
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Les Paul are heavy and uncomfortable

SG's are lighter, thinner neck, cooler looking

Les Paul's are better sounding, and seem to have more rockability?

SG's sound are good and very nice and warm sounding with P-90's
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SG for me.
I think the SG is perfect combination of thick sound from a les paul and light weight from a strat.Whilst the les paul is the rythym players guitar,the SG is really the lead players guitar.Think how ****ed up Angus Young's ribs would be if had been jumping around with a les paul all these years?
Whilst the Les Paul does have a bit more natural tone due to the body,the SG can cover those tones.Hard-rock and stoner metal is perfectly suited to an SG in my opinion.
And don't forget the possibilites opend up with mods,especially coil splits.I love my Iommi SG's clean when it's on the neck pick-up.So warm
A big turn off for me from les pauls is the lack of comfort cutting at the back.Really digs into my ribs
The neck heaviness on the SG isn't as bad as it's cracked up to be aswell.I eventually moved my strap button to the horn,but I got used to the neck heaviness.
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I prefer the Les Paul because of how deep the tone is. They are two completely different guitars though. This will be locked pretty soon by the way.