I was wanting to know what the scale length is on these Epi SG's. I did a measurement from the nut to the saddle I got 25 exactly. Thought it was supposed to be 24.75. Does anyone know what the length is supposed to acually be?

By the way its G-400 model
Well I would consider that but since I got the info online at Ibanez do ya think they got it wrong also lol
Measure to the saddles, not the back of the bridge. It might be a little bit more or less than 24 and a quarter, but itll be much closer than 25.
24.75", however that's not the 'real' length because other factors impact the exact length needed, like string tension and thickness.
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Its 24.75. You dont measure from the nut to the bridge it wont measure to the exact scale. Measure from nut to the 12th fret then double it.