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Out of curiosity, I'd like to know what you other UGers are doing right now (besides The Pit)

For me: IMing one of my best freinds and catching up on some tunes I havent heard in a while
Needs a new sig

Scandanavian Metal > American Thrash/Groove> Everything Else

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Actually, i am holding my penis in my left hand, i have a screwdriver between my teeth and i'm typing this with my right hand.

No kidding.
Playing guitar.... while eating original skittles.
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Reading a stupid thread.
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Excessive punctuation!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have infinity.
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yea its way too much for my little stick lol
being pissed because no one will buy my guitar...

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Eating pie, talking to people on msn, watching Simpsons.

Multi tasking FTW
Call me Cam
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I'm Han Solo, Splamron's Greedo.

Han shot first. Greedo's dead.
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Mines doesn't come with blue raspberry

i love those things.
and i'm listening to Charred Remains by Autopsy
watching the X-Games. Dave Mirra's last Big Air run was insane
All Shall Perish, ABRB, Behemoth, Belay My Last, TBDM, Born Of Osiris, Carnifex, Despised Icon, I Declare War, Impending Doom, Odious Mortem, Salt The Wound, Suicide Silence, WhiteChapel
thinking about how much I hate memes...
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I'm a pretty hardcore Christian. I would like to sincerely apologize that you ran into that little fucktard

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dale-banez made a fool of

my gear:

oh wait, no one cares

the skittles just keep on coming..... weird.

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Doing it.
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Someone told me Bach sounded like crap.

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What a dick, right? Skid Row are awesome
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Mines doesn't come with blue raspberry

But the blues ones are like.... the best ones ever!?!?!
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these skittles pwn all. chili berry = best flavour ever

i am msning, attempting to eat a donut that's got gross icing and looking up a uni open day i have to go to tomorrow.
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music. texting woman. having a life? no, like the rest of you.

Saying the Red Hot Chili Peppers have no talent is like saying Guy Fawkes didn't have an epic mustache.
fapping to pictures of dogs.
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Spot on, JWZ28, spot on.

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I'm using a needle to drain the puss from my swollen big toe
Check out my band Disturbed
Lift not the painted veil which those who live
Call life; though unreal shapes be pictured there,
And it but mimic all we would believe
Painting models. Currently in the process of making a 1/35 diorama of the Siege of Bastogne. It's bloody hard to paint the 26th ID's insignia when it's about 3mm big

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Today I stole a girls tampons for being such an annoying bitch.


My love for you
Is like a truck
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