I played guitar for a while just somtims for fun but i wont to start learning how to play it great.
what time of learning is the best?
10min. is to short but nobody can conzentrate for 8h
or maybe: 30min learning 10min pause than 30min play again and again 10 min pause...

what would you think is the best way?

Its all personal preference.
Don't play so much that you burn out but at least warm up and get some definite practice in before stopping for however long.
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try practicing as much hours before your hands get tired , like 1-3 hours as much. or use 1 practice hour and then dedicate to learn new stuff
i useally warm up and do exersises, then learn songs
for me best is 5 hours/4hours at least

but if i go for 7 hours i just get too tired and give up
varies from person to person. but youre right about the extremes.
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For me anything under 1 hour feels like im just getting warmed up, 2 hours I hit my peak, by hour 3 my hands get tired. At that point I usually switch to something that doesn't involve a whole lot of technical proficiency such as learning a new song, practicing theory or improving.
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I play when I feel like it, and stop when I don't feel like it...

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I play when I feel like it, and stop when I don't feel like it...

yea same here

A schedule makes me feel like I actually acomplished less than if I don't have one.