I just finished watching the Darjeeling Limited. Thought it was pretty good. I like the Royal Tenenbaums better. But does anybody know of any other good films like these? I just wanna find different movies that are good not just in the story but the way they are filmed. I'm not so much looking at the movie as a movie but more of an art form.

So does the Pit have any?
Jim Jarmusch's Dead Man. It totally fits your description. And Johnny Depp is AMAZING in it. It totally fits want you want when looking for "movies as an art form."

I wrote a blog about the awesomness of it if you're serious about wanting to see it.
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Wes Anderson is amazing. Have you watched any of his other films? The Life Aquatic is probably my favorite, and Rushmore is really good too.
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I think I'm going to look into Dead Men, it sounds pretty interesting. And I've already seen Lost in Translation... but I'll probably watch it again soon.

And no, I haven't seen any of Andersons' other films, but I was just looking up the Life Aquatic.
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I think I'm going to look into Dead Men, it sounds pretty interesting.

It's one of those movies that's amazing but nobody has ever heard of.

darjeerring limited
royal tennebaumns
life aquatic


those are the only movies i own.... W.A. ONLY
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the prestige?

Damn beat me to it

But one seriously good movie is Big Fish. It's just great all around
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