Intro chord progression is good. It's classic, but the last chord is kind of original which keeps it fresh. The accompanying bass and arpeggio's are work really, really, well. Intro alone is an 8/10 for just simplicity. The second intro before the second guitar come in are just as good. Drumming is simple and it compliments the rhythms. I'm extremely impressed by the intro guitar solo. Rarely do I see technical playing compliment emotional progressions. The tapping part is great, as are the triplet rhythms that you place in it. I'm not one to give 10's out, but the guitar part is a 10/10. The pre-verse part is probably the weakest area in your song to be honest. The bass harmony is great and all, but the style your song starts in doesn't match with the pre-verse part. 6/10 there. But that's not to say that the melody itself isn't good, but it doesn't match the rest of the song.

It's not finished, so I'd knock off a couple points, but I'd say so far this song deserves a 8/10 (it would be a 7, if not for the guitar part), but if you add on more to this song, it could easily be a 9 or higher. My advice, though, is not to overuse the guitar solos. That worked really well because it contrasted the first two intros in complimenting way. I'd use it for a solo and an outro, and use it sparingly as a filling riff here and there.

If you're aiming for a Vai/Satch inspired modern rock song, then you nailed it pretty well.

You should critique my modern rock/ballad diddy.
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I changed the pre-verse and wrote more in line with the song with the occasional fill like you suggested, I won't repost until I have completed the song, but thanks for the advice. I'll check your song out and crit when I get home where I have GP.

Critting as I go.

The Intro was alot of fun. Although, it probably should've been getting repetitive, it didn't. It was clever, and just a lot of fun to listen to. Nothing marveling, just something soft and nice whilst yet clever.

Band Joins beautifully. The other instruments do nothing at all to knock the flow of the song out of motion. Wonderfully written.

The only thing that I thought sort've seperated Intro Riff 1 was the finally beat of each bar. The 16ths really sounded harsh to my ears when compared with the rest, sort've like when CD skips almost.

Intro Solo was well crafted, intense, but with a classic rock sort've feel, that really meshed well with the rest of the song...

The two ending sections I really liked well... Pre-Verse led into Verse Riff 1 very well, and I was really jazzed over Verse Riff 1. I can't wait for you to write more, as its obviously building into something heavy.

I don't really want to give you a score until I hear more of your song, but if you absolutely need one, I would say a 8/10. Probably be higher when its finished though, since my only gripe thus far is those 16ths notes Guitar 1 plays.