$60? Why the hell not? That is if you trust the site.
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well from what i've heard knock-off guitars are generally hit-and-miss
you never really know what your gonna get, but then again it's only $60 bucks, so i'd go for it
if it's good, that's awesome, if not, it didn't cost you much
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dude but the shipping to the states is like over 200 bucks man
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No,they're to high end for me.I usually just walk into a random building and scream "FIX MY BANJO NOW!!!!" until they hit me with sticks and call the police.

I don't ****ing know about how legit these fellas are, but that Green Les Paul copy is ****ing sexy. I'm considering trying my luck now for a mod guitar.
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oh ****! id get one for a project ha

edit: $220 shipping?! **** that.
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Anyone know any fake gibby dealers in the US

You don't because it's illegal
i think it's only a really bad taste joke!i mean, look at the third link and open whatever guitar you like. they can't even write grammatically properly!maybe those 60 bucks could turn into 600 (oh, and 200 more shipping to US for a guitar whose pickups are probably made of plastic painted gold lol)
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search for the fake guitar thread please, me and a few guys wrote that for a reason.
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TBH I don't think I would buy an obvious fake... Maybe I'm just a Gibby fanboy. But so many of these fakes end up in the hands of unsuspecting consumers who just paid some jackass $800.00 for a piece of garbage.
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TBH I don't think I would buy an obvious fake... Maybe I'm just a Gibby fanboy. But so many of these fakes end up in the hands of unsuspecting consumers who just paid some jackass $800.00 for a piece of garbage.

this.......... im morally opposed to buying these kind of copys for this specific reason. if you want a really good cheap les paul copy buy an early ibanez lawsuit les paul. theyre like 300 bucks on ebay and almost as good as the real thing, better than modern ones IMO.
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schtick_bomb is actually a Tare. An evil race of aliens from the planet Nibiru who have come to fight the power of Jesus Christ.

New Gibsons are just bad copies of the old ones anyways.
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i dont supposed you noticed the outrageous shipping rates?
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Not that it would worry me,but in the states it is a felony to own a fake guitar.But no copper would notice anyway.
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OMG. if that site is legit, ****ing get it. Those look freaking sweet. I like the hot rod
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I actually bought two. First one was on a whim for a style I hadn't seen (Silverburst custom with a flame top)... it was so good that after 9 mont of having it, I decided to buy another one (goldtop). I have pics if interested.
My wife is from china and knows how high quality their products are. I asked her what she thought she just rolled her eyes and left the room. Funny how the shipping costs vary. We send stuff to china for her family. The price to ship a guitar thru EMS their version of fed ex is not gonna vary much. But it does on this site. A 96 dollar guitar has 268$ shipping a 213$ guitar has 129$ shipping. Both same size same weight packages thru the same company to the same address.

And it is hit or miss. Having been in many many music stores in china, some of their knock offs are actually made decent, the set up is crap and the hardware, electronics cheap. But many of them are just garbage, no truss rods, scale way off. The scale measurement is to be expected as very few there would know how to measure in inches or fractions, everything there is metric. And not many play guitar in china so there arent alot of people there who know much about guitars. So combine lack of knowledge, with trying to build stuff in specs you dont understand, and using the cheapest materials things can go wrong fast.
I have played some great counterfeits but on the other hand I have played more than half that were just garbage. I would never trust ordering one from China just because the shipping is usually very high and you never know what your going to get. I have heard horror stories about guitars that were not even close to what was pictured in the add. They will not except returns either. That inlay on the supreme is the same one that is on the Jay Turser Serpent.


Just buy an Agile if you want a Les Paul copy.

Buying one of these means you're supporting the manufacture and sale of illegal, counterfeit guitars.
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