Hey guys, I just wanted to put this up here to see if I should keep going with this one or if I should trash it. I want to keep going but I feel like I'm stuck. Any constructive criticism is appreciated. Thanks
Sixteen Sides.zip
The introduction harmony works. It's not spectacular, but it's catchy. Time signature changes are a little screwy, but they work, plus it's a progressive song. The riff at 13 is pretty cool. Chord progressions are good, but the overall sound of the band is kind of hollow at that point. I dig the syncopated riff at 27. 29-36's melody is kinda mysterious, which fits the song very well. The meter change to 7/8 sounds really natural, not forced like some prog songs are, and the riff theme that goes until 44 is really cool. The end has a real Rush/Yes feel to it due to the modal changes and what not.

Drum and bass work is super solid.

As a whole-7/10. It's good, but not amazing.
Drums and bass are a 9/10.
Guitar is a 6/10.

Good job!

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