Hi, I've been playing the guitar for 6 years or so now and the way I've improved is just by learning songs and, in a way, teaching myself. Well, I'm tired of only learning songs and instead I want to be able to jam out and make it sound good when I'm jamming. I've already created a couple of songs and all the way to the solo it sounds good, but once the solo hits it's just like everything seems out of place. Paul Gilbert once quoted that he use to look at his idols and be like "hey there they are, I wish I could be that good" or something like that. Well, he made a big change and started learning the right way to play the guitar, as well as, the in's and out's of it. So, in my conclusion, I am wanting to become a better guitarist and be able to shred like my idols without even having the think of what to do (what sounds good and what not). So, my question to you is where do I begin? I thought that maybe start learning different scales may help me, but then again some people don't advise just learning from scales since they kind of limit you to one particular area and then maybe switching to a different area, so instead just learn what sounds good on each individual string. I'm a little bit lost, what should my next step be to improving my guitar techniques?
I don't see why everyone always suggests pentatonic. It's 2 notes less than the regular scale.

Learn your major and minor scales first, then take out the two notes required to create the pentatonics. This wil help with scale construction and basic theory also.
The biggest thing IMO is to learn all of the notes on the neck, then looking at scales, you know where to go and don't have to look at a diagram as to where the next note is ,etc. Major + Minor after that