Hey brother first of all thanks for taking a listen to us.
i like the tune man its supper chill good work man, i hear a little jason mraz influence maybe?
if not it still sounds dope i like the mellow vibe.
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aight homes so i listened to it and its pretty catchy. i gotta say though the first time i listened to it i wasnt a fan of the vocals, not saying they were bad but just saying that it wasnt my style but like most things after listening to it again i kind of dug it.

the guitar work was pretty nice too and i dont know if you intend for this to just be a solo song but i would imagine that it would sound pretty good with some chill drums in the background and some bass.

overall i thought it was kind of good but a little short, maybe through in a solo or bridge section or something, but it was good dude. thanks for critting my work.
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This is hilarious. The guitar playing is great for the style and the chords are perfect. The singing is enjoyable and on pitch. The lyrics are obviously the focal point of the song and I think they're good. Not terribly cliche and they don't over rhyme.
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Yeah, this was Nice.
I really liked the combination of the vocals and guitar.
Your playing was very adequate.
Not like all the over the top stuff I hear usually from acoustic singer-songwriters.
I think you really should like,
expand your songs. Get a bass and drums and they would be sweet!
Country isn't my thing, but as far as country goes it definitely sounds like something I would hear on a country radio. Could use some drums I guess but it's not necessary. So yeah good job, a genuine country song, good work.
cool man haha yea lets have a few drinks and jam!
I dig your style definitely unique.
Sounds good keep it comin.
Recorded another song today, took forever as I had to troubleshoot my program "dropping out" like 10 seconds before the end of all of my GOOD takes lol.

updated my drivers and got patches and stuff though so i think Im finally good to go.

Again, I definitely enjoyed.
Well, it is pretty had for me to crit your song. It obviously revolves around the lyrics and I'm not a lyric guy.
As for the music, it's pretty basic as a composition, although it is well played. Maybe a little more arrangements (bass, drum, a second guitar...)
Sorry, but again, I don't give much importance to the lyrics.
Thx for your crit on my stuff