I have saved about 1000 dollars for a new guitar and I currently own, an AXD 80 Artcore IBanez. Ibanez does not make them anymore so bummer I guess for you guys.... I am looking for a great guitar, I "dream" of becoming a professional guitarist I am going to college for music so....

Any ideas on what guitar I should get for, indie, grunge, some jazz here and there, I kinda want to be able to rock all that comes I am thinking on getting.

Fender Classic player Jaguar special hh anyone know if they are any good.

Or should I just get a strat....

Or should I try ESP guitars....

I am really against Gibson *Turns on flamesheild* I just don't like them no real educated reason so not to much hate thanks.
Ok, let's start this off right

What is your budget (include currency), what kinds of music do you play, do you have any preferences to materials (such as woods, bridges, etc...), and what is your current amp?
I gave you my budget I though it is U.S.A I told you what I play also... in my post indie grunge jazz... I like repeating myself :P and no real prefrence my amp is a Crate.... 120/212 flex wave I am going to replace it after this guitar purchase. for a Vox probably..
The Stratocaster will probably fit the best. You'll have the most versatility and it will do everything you want exceptionally. It depends what ESP it is, but the majority of them are metal-oriented. As for the Jaguar, I've never been a fan of them.
strat would be the way to go
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you need help.

Jaguars are,without mods, a tad un-reliable.I hear the tremolo is really bad.
If I were you,I'd find out what mods Thurston Moore and Kurt Cobain did to their jaguars.I believe Fender have just released some signature sonic youth jags aswell,find out what's special about them.
I would get a jag and mod it just to stand out a bit more,rather than the plain old HSS strat.
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hmmm why is the jaguar a bad choice for me?

Though I have little personal experience with them, I've heard mainly that the trem system is wonky. Also that the circuitry is kinda crazy, takes some getting used to so if you're willing to work with it could be a blessing or a curse. It might turn out to be a great choice, but I'd highly recommend playing one if at all possible before you go for that. Also if I remember correctly Jags don't use the same scale length as strats. Strats have a longer scale length (25.5) which is generally more associated with Fender while Jags are shorter (24.7ish) which tends to be more associated with Gibson. It can affect both playability and tone, so if you can't get your hands on a Jag to play at the least find another guitar with the shorter scale length to find out if you like that feel.
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I have heard and seen a jaguar and I am pretty sure the special HH model fixed most of the trem issues.