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This is why you wear earplugs kids... And especially to a fucking Sepultura show.

Sad news in the Belgian newspapers today. Dietrich Hectors, a 29-year old Belgian metalhead (and a doctor of engineering) killed himself last Friday because he was suffering from a severe form of tinnitus and hyperacusis. Tinnitus is an incurable condition, where the ear is permanently damaged, resulting in an over-sensitivity to certain frequency ranges of sound. Despite taking some sort of medication, in the end, every single sound hurted his ears, especially his own voice. "This disease controls my life: every word hurts."

His ears got damaged permanently after a Sepultura concert in 1996. From then on, he used ear plugs for almost every loud activity. After a rehearsel with his metal band - where he forgot his plugs because he was in a hurry - his condition got worse. Eventually, Dietrich Hectors was forced to quit the band in 2003. He also gave up most of his social life - avoiding pubs etc. - locking himself up in total loneliness and silence. After visiting a small, local music festival in 2006, he took off his ear plugs, just when people started firing fireworks right next to him. When he got his plugs back in, already a few explosions had passed. The next few days, his ears started hurting like never before.

In his goodbye letter, Hectors wrote: "For the first time in my life, the ringing noise in my ears is totally unbearable. It goes beyond anything. Despite the heavier medication, EVERYTHING is hurting my ears, especially my own voice. I can no longer communicate - just when I really needed to talk with the people around me the most. A hundred times, I tried to fight back, kept myself in silence, involved in antisocial behaviour - waiting for some sort of improvement. But there is a line somewhere. That line is reached. Please respect my choice, my life has become a living hell."

He also added he now regrets his switch in musical preferences from hard-rock to heavy metal...
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Thats really depressing.
'member The Pit of 10'? oH, I 'member!

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That's pretty metal

*inb4 the "im a huge metal fan" pic*

that's the worst hell i could ever imagine though. that sucks. I'd do the same thing. receiving pain for listening to the music i love? not worth it.
I don't know if I should say this but:

A moment of silence for our fallen comrade, who suffered one of the worst fates possible for one of us. (especially the metal forum)
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sepultura are that brutal. good for him

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That's sad...
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I can see Sepultura gaining some BR00TAL publicity for this. They are so Br00talz that their music forced a guy to kill himself to stop the ringing.

edit: ^ metalled to death sounds like an honorable way to go at least. This guy went out like a man. he enjoyed his music so fully that it ended up destroying his hearing.
One time I had it so bad that I was in agony, so I see where this dude was coming from.
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That's pretty brutal. Sad, but brutal. A moment of silence (no pun intended?) for him is in order.
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This is actually the first news story I ever heard where it actually makes me sad. I mean he loved music so much and it destroyed his life and he couldn't even enjoy it anymore...
It hurted his ears good.

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poor guy...not being able to listen to your favorite band at an appreciable level of volume.
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Oh my God... I tried so hard not to laugh there

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My god... this man was Metalled into torture. I can understand his reasoning. May he rest, rock (or metal) in peace.

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This scares the **** out of me! I have noticed my hearing is getting worse, I think its because of all the loud music / guitar / drums I play. So I started wearing ear plugs every time I play drums. I found out the other day that My dad also has a hereditary disease that deteriorates the bones in the ear.
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That sucks really bad.


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His ears don't hurt anymore.

He's with the gods now.

Headbanging, and adjusting their amps. Upward.

Because he earned his golden ears.
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thats terrible, i feel bad for the guy
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