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Alternate Picking
10 38%
Economy Picking
16 62%
Voters: 26.
By the RHCP? I can both Eco and Alt pick, but I can'y switch between the two if I Have already learnt a riff one way. Usually I just eco pick, but everywhere I see this is played with alt picking. Why is this?
Being my usualy OCD self, I will not learn it until I know exactly how it's meant to be picked.

If there is no one way to pick it, I will go with what the poll says, because I really can't decide.
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Whichever way you feel comfortable is best. There is no right or wrong way.
The way you play a riff might not be the same as someone else's way of playing it.
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Whichever way you feel comfortable is best. There is no right or wrong way.
The way you play a riff might not be the same as someone else's way of playing it.

Thanks, but I already know that. I just really can't decide. I have major guitar OCD. If there are two ways of playing something, I literally can't even attempt it because I will end up not being able to decide which to do.
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The problem is that I can't even play it at half the full speed yet, and I'm not going to be able to get a good idea about how it sounds either way unless I learn it both ways.

And if I try not thinking about it, my playing turns into a disgusting mush of eco/alt picking with missed notes and lots of staccato.
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If you're trying to make a half-genuine sounding copy of the original then you have to pick how the original does. Alternate and Eco picking sound different..
Ok, i'm going to Alt pick, but I have one last question.
Heres the tab-


Each time the pattern repeats in the intro, should I start from a downpick or continue with alternate picking. E:G First note is 6th fret A string, the pattern then repeats, now starting on the 7th fret A string (All in the first bar). Following Alt picking rules, I would do that with and upstroke, but that would mean I would then have to outside pick the next 6 notes. Should I just downstroke each pattern repeat so I can avoid outside picking, or do straight alt picking from the beginning (Forcing my to outside pick)?
It doesn't matter, just do whatever feels more natural and more comfortable...you might even pick it differently from one day to the next, all that matters is that it feels comfortable and it sounds right.

You're going to have to try and shake off the whole OCD thing, it's not going to help with guitar...and I really do tire of the amount of posters who seeminly have some sort of "disorder", they seem to be quite fashionable these days.
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i can make it sound most like the original by using fingers: thumb thumb finger thumb finger hammer pulloff thumb finger
you could also do hybrid picking. i don't think it sounds as even economy picked, but i don't think it sounds like it's alternate picked, so if i had to guess i think it is hybrid picked, like down down finger down finger hammer pulloff down finger
i think the riff is great for working out both hands. your left hand will be the same regardless, so you should learn how to play it, and then use it to work on all of your picking options, even all ups or downs.
in the end i'd go with hybrid picking
i tend to just sweep up and down when i do a cover of it live it gives it a nice flow
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I'd norally say Alt pick everything, but this song is almost like sweeped. I'd say Eco pick to get that fluid sound
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