Hey everyone. I recently reunited with my favorite pick ever, the blue Fender 60th anniversary pick (I found it in an old guitar bag), and I sadly realized that no one sells them anymore. I had switched to nylon picks, but there's something about the 60th that I like so much more.

My question is: does anyone know what kind of picks would compare to a blue 60th anniversary pick? I'm not sure what the thickness is, or what the material is. I tried to look it up, but I can't seem to find anything. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know! It's inevitable that this one will break soon!

Thanks a lot!

Give us a chance here, post a pic or two. One along the width of it would be good, then we can make an approximation (quite accurate) of the width. Almost all thicker pics are plastic btw.

are these the ones ?
looks like plain old celluloid to me
lol they call them ''picks for strat''

i own a jaguar, i guess i can't use them
I can't imagine Fender created and retooled just so they could release a commemorative pick for a year.
I'd bet money it's just one of their standard picks, probably celluloid, with a nice little logo on it.
I don't think they make their own picks either, so it might be a Dunlop product. Either way, it shouldn't be too hard to find given a few minutes at the pick counter in a decently stocked guitar store.

Edit: Think I found them: http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/Fender-351-Premium-Celluloid-Picks?sku=110556
Nah, Fender makes their own pics. Dunlop doesn't do celluloid.

TS, that's just a Fender celluloid pick though. You can get them (sans the 60th Anniversary logo) at any guitar shop
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Great! Roc8995 and Darkflame, you're right those are the ones. I'm glad to hear that they probably exist without the logo. I guess I'll just have to find out the thickness (I have and love the blue ones, but I've researched their thickness to no avail). Do you think someone at a music store would be able to divine that? Presumably, it's the Fender 351 Celluloid pick, with a different stamp on the back. That helps a lot guys. Thanks so much.