PLEASE, I bought it today and am completely frustrated!!

Firstly, when I plug the interface in and use it with POD Farm, I can see from the meters that its detecting the sound from my guitar, but no sound is coming from the speakers! Why??

Secondly, what is the quickest simplest way to get straight into recording using this interface? I would like to do some video covers, so is there a way to record both the video (using the webcam built into my laptop) and audio (through the interface) as one file?

Please help.
1. Make sure that your output device is set to the ux1.
Also, does the green light appear when you plug the ux1 in?
When you say speakers, do you mean speakers connected to the computer or to the pod. Because, in order the listen to the sound, you will need to connect speakers or headphones into the ux1 - it acts as a sort of soundcard and processor for you to listen through.

2. I'm not too sure about video covers, as I have not done this myself. But I would guess that you record the audio in a daw (reaper, audacity etc) and record the video with your webcam (with some sort of recording software) and sync the two with each other. But that is a wild guess.
Iwould use either reaper or audacity to get straight into recording without video.

Hope this helped,