Thanks for the crit on my pieces, I tried to check yours out but having some problems with the website, can't seem to get it to play the music. I'm pretty tech savvy and nothing I've tried seems to be working. Sorry!
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Found my Jim Dunlop Crybaby Wah GCB-95FW in hard garbage... Dead battery but working! Woo!
Well, first of all I'm going to point out thats not you singing, IDK. Anyway, Its pertty good, very comforting song, sounds real country, I cant see how to add anything on to it, cept mabey the ending, it kinda cuts off. But I liked it, though it was a good song.
This is great. The guitar playing is good, the singing is good, and the recording quality is excellent. I especially love the vocal harmonies, they really bring the song to life. I didn't catch all of the lyrics but from what I did hear they fit in with the music well. Seriously, awesome job with this one, this is a great country-style song. Sounds professional.

And thanks for the crit on mine.