That's a pretty good song man. Pretty upbeat sounds to it for the seeming harsh themed lyrics. Somethign about the vocals seemed strange to me though I can't quite place it. Maybe they were off key in a couple parts, or too high in the mix or sometihng, I'm not sure. Still good song, I enjoyed it.


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play it faster and it will be awesome. right now it's ok. fast it would be sweet and ballsy. doesn't sound like you guys have your **** quite together. like someone's just dragging it a little.
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lol this song is catchy as ****. around 2:01 idk what was going on with the vocals but i didnt like it.

the guitar part is simple but thats part of the genre i guess.

something about the quality about the song was kind of weird though, another guy mentioned this but it might have been that the vocals were to high or something. the guitar seems a bit thin for me and is hard to hear. perhaps raise it and the bass too (if there is bass because i didnt hear any but it may just be my ****ty speakers from '99)

overall i thought it was a nice catchy song, good for the genre. i could see it in some teen movie lol.

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play it faster and it will be awesome. right now it's ok. fast it would be sweet and ballsy. /QUOTE]
I think you guys should play it faster, too. Your vocalist is really good, too, hits notes and tones well, but you should try to add some more gut to your vox... like... a bit of aggression, maybe? But that just might be what I like. But definitely play it faster. It's a good song, catchy, I don't agree that someone is dragging, at all. And I like the background "oooh"s and "ahh"s a lot! Nice touch!

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