i have a crate v33 head and run it into a marshall MG cab. i use the clean channel and run tube screamers into the front end to get overdrive. the EQ is set to 12 oclock on the trbble mids and bass. it sounds terrible and trebly, it hurts your ears even with the volume at 1-2. please help me troubleshoot the issue. i need honest opinions. should i go for the vox or should i get the amp modded? or maybe it's just the cab? im thinking of selling both to start over and buy a vox night train and get a 2x12 cab to go with it.
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Turn the treble down on the amp, maybe?
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Vox are bright amplifiers. And speaking from experience, the night train is also bright and trebly.

EDIT: If I were you, I'd try the head with a different cab and see if that helps. Until you have the chance to do that, turn the treble down a bit or turn down the tone knob on your guitar possibly.
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the vox wont be a hurt your ears trebly though right? i hear they have a fat/bright sound not a thin terrible one. but please keep em comming i really need the advice. thank you
Can't really say. I owned the Night Train for 2 days before returning it. Wanted to see if it could be pushed into metal territory but it was too bright for my tastes and the treble became a handful. As for hurting your ears, I don't think it was quite that bad. I would play it first if I were you though. Only your ears can make that decision.
As my one of my old guitar teachers used to say, "Metal really comes from classical music. The only difference is pinch harmonics, double bass, and lyrics about killing goats."
Roll down the guitars tone knobs? Lower the trebble? Lower the tone control on the TS?
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iv'e tried all that. lowering the tone controls on the guitar makes things sound muffled and lowering the trebble on the amp doesn't really help. btw the amp is too trebly but also has too much bass and seems like it is impossible to EQ it to where i want. i have allways been a fan of vox amps and the way the sound but i think the crate may be way too bright to even be associated with a vox ac30.
Maybe buy an EQ pedal? When I played the V33 i didn't find it that bright....

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I've only had bad experiences with MG cabs in the store. I've used them on occasion with some nice tube heads when I was too lazy to get a real cab, and it always sounds so awful I have to get up and swap it. I've learned to stop doing that by now. Take it to a nearby store and try it through another cab and see if that helps!
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yeah try a different cab. also, try turning down the volume on your guitar a smidge. that should help.
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all your knobs on your guitar are cranked, and your amps tone stack is all set at noon?
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Try moving the knobs on the amp once in a while?
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Have you tried using the dirty channel without the tubescreamer and see what kinda tone you get? The MG cab isnt helping at all. Sometimes you gotta mess with your EQ a while to get the tone you want. Dropping the guitar volume a little might help as treble is the first thing to get cut unless your guitar has a treble bleed bypass.