So I just bought a Line6 Spider III 15 amp.. and I noticed there's a feature where I can plug in headphones so I can practice quietly. But the jack obviously isn't 3.5mm or whatever the standard headphone size is.. do I need special headphones or maybe a special jack?

Being able to practice quietly would be so amazing with my current living conditions
Most headphones worth their salt come with an adaptor that screws on to the end, or is plugged into it. If not, you can probably go to an electronics store like The Source (in canada), or Radioshack, or a general electronics bits store, they should have one. ask for a 3.5mm to quarter inch adapter.
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you can buy an adapter for a standard pair of headphones at a place like radioshack that fits a 1/4" jack.

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Awesome I didn't realize it would be so easy! Thanks for the responses.

EDIT: Is it 1/8 or 1/4? The radioshack link shows 1/8..
its 1/8 to 1/4 adapter. regular headphones should be 1/8 and the jack on the spider is 1/4.

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you just need a 1/8 (normal headphones jack) to 1/4 (normal guitar jack) adapter
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And why in hell did you buy a Line 6?

To answer your question about the measurements, standard headphones have a 3.5mm jack.
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u guys forgot your flame shields lol i personally dont mind the spider, its got some really nice heavy metal tones, that's it, it falls a bit short especially compared to the vypyr
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Ahh yeah I forgot.

Well yeah, I thought the Line6 had some pretty nice features allaround and it was incredibly cheap too.. like 60 compared to like a Vox vt which was 200..