My setup stopped working a few days ago. Now I've tried a different cable and guitar, and they've made no difference. The amp is all that's left, so I guess that's broken.

When a cable is plugged in and it's on, there is a huge amount of noise. Huge. Only when I crank up the volume basically all the way can I hear the guitar coming through. When I turn on the distortion channel, there is even more noise, but the guitar sound is a bit louder. However, there's no actual distortion, it's just a slightly louder clean tone. When I turn the gain up past 5 there's a loud squealing too. Fiddling with knobs doesn't help, neither does using the headphone jack.

It's a Frontman, not sure which model but it's a small one. I got it used about 6-8 months ago for cheap. Is there any way to repair it? I just got a new guitar and it's torturing me not to be able to play distortion, or anything really.

If this is unfixable, is there any decent but extremely cheap and small amp available? Like $50 or below? I may end up getting another used one or something, I just need something fast and cheap.

Edit: My bad, accidentally posted this in electric guitars. Any chance of moving this to the gear forum?
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Its a frontman the bench fee for a shop to look at it will cost more than the amp did. There are 50$ new amps out there go look at MF or GC.