So I've been playing 6 string ibanez rg's for 15 years and im thinking of getting a 7 string. I came across an ibanez RG7621, which im assuming is a good guitar, japanese made. The RG 7621 is a fixed bridge. I use my floyd quite a bit so i', contemplaiting not getting the 7621 and saving some more money for a 7 string with floyd. my question is how stable are the ibanez floyds for a 7 string, as far as stability?
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Ibanez Floyd? Are you talking about a Floyd Rose or an Ibanez Edge?
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It's a great guitar, if it's in good condition get it; but as Pac_man0123 said, you can also look for the 7620 which comes with the Lo-Pro 7, in my opinion, the best 7 string trem ever made.
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Look for a 7620. It's the same thing, but with a Lo-Pro 7 which is very high quality. The only downside is apparently they don't have as much pull-up due to the low profile but it really doesn't bother me at all.

Yeah, thats true, except in JEM's. Lo-Pros dont get a perfect fourth of pull-up range except in the JEM because of the lions claw. Same with the 7 string version, except UV's dont have a lions claw.