so i'm into the whole 80's hair metal thing
but i'm having trouble writing riffs that fit the genre
any suggestions?
Easy. Use some powerchords, and between each powerchord play muted open strings.
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if your diggin' the 80's hair bands and need inspiration... I would assume that you rock out to that genre......so. . . o.k.; I suggest immersing yourself in some youtube tribute bands a la....Shrimperlla, The Rotley Crew, etc.
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My advice is... have fun. If you not having fun, scrap it. The riffs give you a sense of happiness... you can use any riff, alter the timing and groove and hey presto, you have a ponytail.
well im not a big fan of the 80s but if you are thats cool. everyone has their thing. personally the onaly bands i liked from the 80 were gnr,motley crue. but yea i would just have fun with it man. play around with diferent chords and get creative. the way i play, i tend to not stick to one thing all the time. i just play what pops into my head and experiment with diferent styles.
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Learn lots of music from that genre and then rip it off.

What I mean by that is if you learn a lot of that music you'll get a feel for how they get that sound by looking at scales (and how they use them, so intervals), techniques, typical chord progressions etc. So analyse what you learn and start to write similar sounding riffs. Once you've got a good idea how to make a riff that sounds like it's from that genre you'll be well on your way.
Quote by Dudeman321
so i'm into the whole 80's hair metal thing
but i'm having trouble writing riffs that fit the genre
any suggestions?

powerchords, palm muting
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find a genre that isnt retarded and for ***ots.

listen to more music from said genre. L I S T E N very carefully to what every instrument is doing.
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i also have this problem, for example with the blues and classic rock feeling, you just have to start youtube, and look for music from that genre... listen to it, listen to the riffs closely, the speed, how hard they strum, then look for the tabs, learn the song, and do this for a lot of the songs from that genre, then you will get the feeling, and the riffs will start spinning in your head... and that is the part where you try it again, but don't overdo, if you feel like taking a break from that genre, just do it, and have some fun, find the combination between fun and learning, that is the key to musical expression ^^
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find a genre that isnt retarded and for ***ots.

Most hairish riffs have a bit of a 'bounce' to them, Ratt is one of the best examples for that.
If you're having problems writing riffs like a specific genre then learn riff and/or songs from that genre.

And don't just copy riffs, cuz that's just too easy(C'mon!), put some work into it, analyze the riffs and/or songs and look at the parts that you like and incorporate those ideas into your ideas.
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