hi guys i was just messing around with my legacy(legend) strat and found that the neither of the tone knobs effected the bridge pickup ( duh common knowledge I'm guessing but i just checked a wiring diagram and found out thats how they are made ) but anyway i also realized the 5 way selector switch only really had three positions its kinda like:
1: bridge
are all strats like this or is it just something i should expect from legacy(legend in America i think) and before you ask why I am only realizing this now its because i always had both tones and volume knobs at 10 and always had it in bridge position lol
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It's supposed to be like...

1. Bridge
2. Bridge + Middle
3. Middle
4. Middle + Neck
5. Neck

2 and 4 are intended to give you something like a humbucker. It's actually no where near like a humbucker, but the 2 pickups get wired together in reverse polarity. And follows the same principle of a humbucker. It does cancel out noise pretty well, But just doesn't quite have the same bite as a humbucker.

Use a nickle or something and touch the pole pieces on the pickups at each switch position.
If you hear noise from the AMP when you touch the pole piece, then the pickup is ON.
That should help figure out if it's correct or not.

And yes, until recently (not sure what year) the bridge pup had no tone control.

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The traditional Strat wiring has no tone control for the bridge pickup. Some models are modified so that they do. The modification is easy. All the diagrams you will find will show the back side of the selector switch. There are 4 pins on either side of this switch.
Like this:


You will see on the diagrams the first 3 of these on one side will have the individual pickups connected to them. Solder a jumper wire on the other side of the switch between the middle 2 terminals. That's it.
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