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Ok well i just started a new band with some of my mates from school so far we have 3 memebers:-

Ryhthem Guitarist
Lead Guitarist / Backing Vocals (bass Ftw) (me)
Bass Guitarist

and this other person i know will only join if we do cover music cuz we get to competative with out music she is a drummer and a alto vocalist

the rythem guitarist can play chords and a crap load of 50's riffs he is also a tanor vocalist

Me, i would consider my self being an intermediate guitarist and im a low bass vocalist

and the bass guitaist has been playing since the start of the year but she learns quick.

any way knowing the my question is:-
can you recemend any songs for us the play?
well what kind of music do you guys tend on playing and eventually making?
I Cum Blood
Sweet Child O' Mine
Smoke On The Water
Stick Stickly (with proper dance moves)
Vampira by The Devin Townsend Band
yeah soz well we will intend to play 80's pop punk rock like blink 182 bon jovi evanesence
I must say sir, "evanesence" is a bit outgrown for the 80's.....ever think 'bout doing some MJ?
<Insert Witty Comment Here>

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lol well 80's through to early 00's
well i only ever like beat it and im not kinda able to play solos like that
for example i learnt one of my first real solos last night 'my immortal - evanesence'
also i found a good band wich is what we would play 'warrent'
and just a hint our lead vocalist is a female but shes kinda a tom boy