Ive owned an Ibanez Iceman ic-400 model for a couple of years now, but ive never gotten it taken in for tune-ups. Now i have problems sweep picking because the strings are kinda high off the fretboard, and its in tune when i strum open and off tune when i press down anywhere on the fretboard. I have no knowledge about guitar fixing and such, but if i were to go to a repair shop what should i tell them to do to the guitar?

What is it called when the guitar is tuned in open but off tune when you press down the string and what is it called when the strings a far off the fretboard? I want to know so that i can accurately tell the guitar repairman what is wrong and not have to be like "uhhh what does that mean?"
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u want ur action lowered (string height) and ur intonation fixed

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You have a high action (strings are high off the fretboard) and the Intonation is off (slightly out of tune when you fret).

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Tell him to set your intonation

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Er, "Strings above the fretboard" is called the "Action" I believe.
Also, I think you're talking about the intonation?

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get a tech to explain whats wrong with it then you will get a better understanding of your guitar
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you need help.

If you're going to take it to a tech, any decent one should be able to tell whats wrong with it. Make sure you give information like how low you want your action etc.
If you feel daring and want to read, read, read, this forum and other sites and youtube all have tutorials and videos explaining on how to fix these things. You only need a screwdriver, allen key, a tuner and some time. If you feel confident tinkering with stuff, go for it. It'll save you money the next time you need a guitar setup or you can change your buddies half what the normal shops in your area charge and fix theirs.
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Yeah, you can't really permanently damage anything while attempting to do a setup (unless you go crazy with the trussrod) so you might want to try your hand at it yourself.

If you're going to be taking it in anyways, the tech can always fix it no matter how bad you screw it up. Also, a setup's a setup. They won't charge you any more for a really bad setup than they would for one that's close to begin with.
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