I'm an aggressive vocalist (I hate saying screamer, makes me sound a bit gay...) looking for a full band (two guitarists, bassist, drummer) who would be interested in playing a pretty varied mix of metal.

Everything from early 90's death/doom to much more modern deathcore and metalcore, with thrash and straight up death influences.

I play a bit of guitar, and have already been writing songs (I have Tuxguitar tabs of various riffs and full songs, and am in the process of recording home demos) so there are already ideas, I just need better musicians then me to put those ideas into practice well.

Ideally someone in Ipswich, but if you lived somewhere out of Ipswich and were willing to travel and maybe put forward a bit of money to rent practice rooms, that would be great too.

So, drop a comment and I'll get back to you

EDIT: I'm 15 (but look a lot older ), but I don't mind working with people a bit older, ideally somewhere in the 14-17 age range.
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