hey what are some good guitar resources for learning theory of chords arppeggios that work with them scales ect ect

basically is there any good sites that have scale chord charts and minor chord charts and stuff like that ?
Musictheory.net has great lessons on basic theory, but it uses staff notation, and is not directed specifically at guitar. I believe it has got some trainers for learning the notes on the fretboard.

First link that comes up when you google "scales guitar", I have used it before, and it suits your need s as far as fretboard maps go.
i am looking for more of a chart theory kinda thing to relate the basics to and learn the keys and stuff.
We have plenty of great lessons here on UG.
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We have plenty of great lessons here on UG.

+1 or just maybe take guitar lessons but thats not always a possiblity so try to find an experienced friend who can help you if you have questions or just ask it in musical theory, those people are always nice
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