I was looking for a decent practice amp that sounds good with distortion pedals. Budget is around 400. Thanks
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For "around" $400 I'd start with a Blues Junior and work down from there depending on what you play.
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anything with a clean channel will work if you mostly want to sound like the pedal. there really is no point to choosing one good amp over another if your not going to use the dirty channel of the amp. but on the other hand, you may want to find something in the $400 range that has a dirty channel you like. then you can forget about the distortion pedal completely. if your using a boss DS-1, that thing has got to go. even if you like it right now, trust me on this. my favorite cheap practice amp with distortion is the orange crush 30R. but if you have $400 - $450 try getting used mesa boogie caliber .22 (the DC-2) on ebay or craigslist. its a tube practice amp that works great with pedals, great reverb, independent controls for each channel, super powerfull interactive EQ. you'll be happy you did.
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For "around" $400 I'd start with a Blues Junior and work down from there depending on what you play.

if you plan on using pedals this is the way to go

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I hate to ask, but what pedals? (please no MT2s)

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