Hi.I have recently noticed that my guitars sound is a bit too sharp.Even if the guitar is perfectly in tune it can sound quite whiny when playing a rifff or something.The sharpness is most noticeable on the D and G strings and it is really pissing me off.The guitar is a Peavy V-type EXP with a Floyd rose licensed bridge. if thats any help.Maybe the guitar was always like this and I'm only just noticing it now.I have only been playing for 14 months.Or perhaps its the distortion I'm suing.I play my distortion through an old didgiitech Rp7 multi effects pedal with a load of equalization settingsthat I don't understand.Any help or suggestions would be welcome.
defenitly your sound... in this case your Effects Pedal
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Quote by peterocker
defenitly your sound... in this case your Effects Pedal

No, effects cant make the strings sound sharp.
Its your intonation. I'd definitely recommend getting it set up by a tech as adjusting intonation on a Floyd is a pain in the arse.
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