Hi, i currently own a Peavey Valveking 112 but its not really cutting it for what i want to do. I usually play fender guitars and the occasional humbucker guitar and play small to medium gigs in a function band aswell as a blues rock band. So my question is would the orange be a good upgrade, i already own a 2x12 orange cab and need clean blues to 80s rock/metal type levels of gain. I think the main problem i have with the valveking is the tone, i'm looking for a Richie Sambora/ Gary Moore type thing.

I'm hoping to try one soon, just finding a shop that stocks is'nt all fun and games so i wondered if anyone had any opinions.

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A great amp. There are many other options though. Check out a cornford roadhouse 30.
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it will sound significantly better than your valveking certainly, especially for those genre's - could be worth shopping around for different alternatives though
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