Hey guys.

I currently own an epiphone dot (not the studio) and i have the gibson dirty fingers in the bridge. i nearly never use the neck pick up. What i'm wondering is how close do you think the sound would be in a tom delonge signature compared to my epiphone, given that i'm playing with the bridge. people seem to say it has bad sound but my epiphone sounds perfectly fine through my amp and i'm wondering if the tom delonge sig is more ****tly made or something.

i'm looking for a back up guitar and i'd like to get something close to my normal guitar and the TD signatures much cheaper than the dot where i live.
Really, it's cheaper? The dot runs about... Nevermind. Point is don't get the Tom 335. As nice as it looks it's not really worth the money. Put it this way, it's a crappier version of what you have now. Also Sontag forget tha Tom runs through 3 of the most exensive amps there are so no your not going to sound the same.
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Yeah... I have really heard nothing good about his sig. You're better off with the dot.
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For a cheap backup, if you only use one pickup anyways it's well suited. Not to mention there's always the possibility of it retaining some value based on it being Tom's. It's not like Blink 182 are one hit wonders who'll be forgotten in 5 years.
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I suppose you could, but just to give it more of a personal touch to it, you could change the paintjob or something like that. Plus, it would sound just a bit brighter than your guitar and all that, since it has no tone knob. But yeah. You could.
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