Hi, just need some advice on P bass's, I have an immense trace elliot amp i got cheap form my mate so dont suggest i get an amp or ask what i've got.

I'm looking to get a Fender P bass, ive got about £600 to spend, so i want to know peoples opinion on the highway one, and about the other special additions they do around ths price like the re-issues and the signature ones

I'd suggest buying a second hand American P-bass. I think that would be a better option, rather than buying a new Highway One for around the same price.
A second hand MIA precision is well in your budget. I saw an ameican deluxe p bass go for a bit more than that second hand a while ago, so you might be able to pick up one of those.

What trace amp did you get, i love traces, except for the commando ones.
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