You should write your own songs and put some emotion into it in my opinion, I can tell you guys have talent though so just keep up the good work.
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it was our first concert so we were a bit tens, but will keep in mind putting some energy in our concerts in the future, and we are working on originals in the moment but they are still not enough for a concert
Well.. It's okay, but the singing could do a bit more feeling, and seriously, your singer should wiggle his hips less. ^^'
Other than that.. seemed a bit tame. But if that was your first gig, props. And good luck.
Sounds like Hetfield singing The Killing Road.

Honestly this is not good at all.
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You're singer is very.. errr feminine? Also, it doesn't look too good when you have a music stand with lyrics up in the middle of the stage. Otherwise, the guitar was pretty solid.
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