Hi guys.

I have been hard at work on composing something decent. I feel this is one of the best things I've composed. I am at work on a split EP with another individual via this website.

It is not fully finished, however the whole song is basically recorded (aside from drums and vocals). I still need to remix some parts, however as a whole it is pretty good sounding and stuff.

It is in my profile as well as available at this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xc8X3gMLZ28&feature=channel_page

Any quality feedback is welcomed, and I will comment your stuff in return.
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Well, I don't know much about black metal, but I loved the intro (a flute mabey) but something other than a guitar intro gave it that extra creepyness. I do think the intro needs to be shorter, I was kinda expecting the guitar to come in sometime around the 45 second mark. Also your guitar was harsh, hard to understand it, but it was good, it went well with the other instruments. I think if you clean up the guitar and make it cut through the mix better and shorten you intro a little it out to be a pertty damn good song.
I agree with the other guy about the guitar sound.

I liked the intro the length you have it now though.
The guitar is... well.. it's just noise. I had to skip it 10 seconds or so until the end after listening to like, 20 seconds of it...
I think with a better guitar sound, I'd like it a lot more and probably would be able to listen to it (and that's saying something, because I listen to old Black Metal where the guitars are.. useless)

It didnt really sound like Black Metal to me either. I guess the Black Metal element of it will come into it with the vocals/drums because they're a big part of BM and they're.. missing

It's a good start, but would be 6348730843480 times better (imo) with a better guitar tone
Pretty impressive brah. I'm gonna have to make sure my side is this good.
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Intro sets a very haunting atmosphere. Reminds me of LotR.
It's dragging on just a bit too long though.
The guitar tone is dreaful. There are no mids and you can't even hear the notes or chords. It's just static.
I like the synth or whatever that is in the background doing the chime thing.
You should turn the rhythm guitar down as well. It completely drowns out the lead and it's causing clipping in the sound. I like the horns that came in near the end.

The only thing that really bugged me about the music itself is the lack of direction. It just kinda starts and ends. There's no focal point or drive in the song. Perhaps the addition of drums and vocals will cure that problem though.
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To clarify, I intend to have a little bit of singing (or something) in the "intro" (which is really an intro and a verse or something).

I agree with the guitar tone on the distortion. It is pretty useless. haha.

Anyways, thanks for the comments. They are appreciated. If any of you have anything you would like critiqued, send me a link.
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wow, cool man. the intro was almost scary. very mistic/haunting. great job with that. it did however get a little bit long. the guitar at 130 or so i though should have came in sooner. also it dident seem to fit verry well. i think an acoustic would sound way better with the intro you have. the metal thing just isent working. maybe some clean tone jazzy kind of chords? good job though. composing was good.

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