Do I just run 2 really long wires from the pots to the toggle switch? It looks really messy and not all of them fit in the hole to get to the switch because the pickup wires are so thick.
cut the wires? im no expert
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Pickups soldered to volume pots,
then the two wires from the output on the volume pots up to the toggle switch,
then one from the output of the 3 way toggle to the jack so there will be three wires in total running from the toggle to the control cavity.

As far as the hole not being big enough, just get a long drill bit with a slightly larger diamerer than the current hole and bore them out. You can do this from the pickup cavities, if you can't get to the holes with the drill bit because of the angle/location just drill some fresh holes from the pickup cavities tnto the control cavity and the switch cavity.
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